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The Carnival of HR full of awesomeness

The latest Carnival of HR is live over at the UpstartHR blog and to quote Ben Eubanks, it’s 25 pieces of awesomeness so you know you need to check it out. Ben was very generous to step in and host at the last minute. You may also have noticed the super kick ass logo at the top of the page. Allen Robinson, @logicwriter, was so nice to create that for the Carnival, at Ben’s request, and I absolutely love it! Going forward, please feel free to use it when you post about the Carnival. I’m going to get it up on the carnival site right now.

We have a lot coming up for you Carnival-wise in the next two weeks. Our next regularly scheduled Carnival of HR will take place on Wednesday, November 25th by Michael Van Dervort over at the Human Race Horses blog. Additionally, we will be having a special Carnival of HR: HRevolution edition next Wednesday, Novemeber 18th hosted by Trish Mcfarlane of the HR Ringleader so if you have an HRevolution post, be sure to get it to Trish! If you would like to host a future Carnival of HR or just get on our email reminder list, please drop me a note at hrminion@gmail.com.

As always, thank you everyone for your continued participation!

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