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Veteran’s Day

Today is an important day for me. It’s my sister’s birthday (Happy Birthday Danni!), but more than that it’s also Veteran’s Day. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an Army Brat and my family has a long history of serving in the military. I’m so proud of that. Last year at this time my dad, retired Army, was about to fly out to Afghanistan as a military contractor. Today, he’s still there and I’m not sure how soon he will be home. It could be sometime this month, it could be April. I worry and cringe every time I hear of the conflicts over there. Everyone with family and friends serving feel the same way. We just want them home safe while at the same time we are so proud of what they do. So please, take some time today to thank a veteran and to think of all those brave men and women who have served with honor.

Speaking of thanking a Veteran, this morning I received an email from Lance Haun about a cool thing Meritbuilder is doing to thank Veterans. From now until November 15th you can go here to share your story, give thanks, and read others messages. It’s just another great way to let Veteran’s know how much we appreciate their service and their sacrifice.

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