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Get Local

So you are starting to get involved in the HR online community. Welcome! We are happy to have you! You are reading blogs, considering starting your own, working on your Linkedin profile, and you even got on Twitter. It’s a bit overwhelming, but oh so cool! We have all been there. There is a ton to learn, fun conversations to join, and best of all you are making new friends all across the country, hell, across the world. But now you find yourself wondering what else you should be doing.

You should be getting local. While the HR online community is full of awesomeness, it is important not to forget about the local HR community where you live. Trust me, there is awesomeness there too. And the best part? The HR online community will help you connect to them. For example, last Friday I went to the Minnesota Recruiters conference. 240+ MN recruiters getting together to listen to great speakers and to make new connections. I always learn a lot and it is always a lot of fun. I originally started attending these events because of Paul DeBettignies, whom I met online before in person and is an all around great guy. He’s local to me, but I don’t know if we would have met if I hadn’t been online. But more importantly, if I hadn’t taken the relationship offline and taken advantage of the fact that he was local, I might have missed out on some amazing connections and opportunities.

So great job getting involved online, just don’t forget to take those relationships offline as well. You’ll be surprised by all the cool people you can met, right in your backyard.

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  • 1 humanresourcespufnstuf :

    The Minion is correct (as usual). Getting local is huge, and I'd encourage those that aren't in MN to reach out to dudes like Paul and see how you can learn from him to launch your own awesome recruiting groups. If your in the MN area, get to a MNREC event, if anything just to hear Minion's infectious giggle.

  • 2 HR Minion :

    Puf – No, they need to come if only to meet you! :)Thanks!