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HR Happy Hour #21

We’re back, baby! The latest HR Happy Hour is in the can and boy did we miss you all! Did you miss us? Well, you know that after a week off we had to come back with something really amazing. We did experience some technical difficulties, like always, Steve told our callers to step up, and John aka @BKRecruiter was dropping HR buzz words like they weren’t already out of style. You know, the usual.

Our topic this week was Employer Branding: What is it, why is it important, is it important, etc. The show generated a lot of buzz, both in the number of callers (our highest number yet!) and on the crazy active twitter back channel at #HRHappyHour (which you need to check out!). There was too much material to cover in one short hour, there was a lot of great conversation/disagreements/points, and we totally need to revisit this topic again. So what are you waiting for, check out the show below!

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