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In which others write my post for me

So here I was planning a post on customer service and a company’s image when I saw Trish at the HR Ringleader Blog just did a related, and great, post on it. Now you may be asking yourself, self, why do HR bloggers seem to care so much about customer service? It’s simple: customer service is both what HR does and what HR needs to care about because of the impact it has on a company’s success or failure. HR has both internal and external customers that they need to provide the best service to. Whether it’s getting payroll right the first time or providing the best candidate experience, that’s customer service. Additionally, HR cares about the customer service the company itself provides because not only does that speak to employee performance, it also affects company culture, brand, and success.

Now I’ve been thinking about this issue recently because of something Ron McManmon said on the last HR Happy Hour about how managers need to go through their own recruiting process to see what the candidate experience is really like. I’ve heard many a HR Manager talk about how they care about providing the best candidate experience and are proud of it. How do they know? What is their follow up on this? Getting a hire is no guarantee of a good candidate experience, especially these days. Much to their own detriment, I think HR Managers are focusing on their recruiting successes and brushing off the failures as flukes. Jessica Lee over at Fistful of Talent just did a great post on the time it takes for candidates to accept an offer and what that means.

HR can talk a good game when it comes to the customer service they provide, but if they aren’t doing any follow up on it, they are ultimately providing poor customer service and hurting their company’s image. So how sure are you that your customer service is as stellar as you think it is?

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  • 1 Trish McFarlane :

    Thank you for mentioning my post. I often think that what inspires us to write and topics that are important are universal. Something like client/customer service is not unique to HR, but is certainly something when done right, can add to the success of a HR department. Glad to be on the same wavelength with you Shauna.

  • 2 HR Minion :

    Trish – same wavelength = why we are friends. 🙂 Thanks!