… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.

My Christmas vacation

After tomorrow I will officially be starting my Christmas vacation, otherwise known as being unemployed again. Sigh. Is it 2010 yet? I’ve been lucky that despite being laid off at the start of the year I’ve been able to land a couple of contract roles that kept me employed most of the year. It has made things easier. However, my biggest goal for 2010 is to land someplace more permanent. Contracting is all fine and good, but unless my career is working as a consultant, I need something with a little more stability right now, especially due to all the challenges I know 2010 will bring.

So, here’s my official plug: If you are looking for a minion for hire who’s got HR ninja skills and a great laugh, be sure to check out my resume here. I am currently located in the Twin Cities, MN Metro Area but I am open to relocation.

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