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New Year, New You.

As 2009 comes to an end (Yay!) there is an increased interest in things like resolutions and reinvention. All you have to do is watch a little TV to see all the ads for weight loss, quitting smoking, and all the other things that people vow to change about themselves in the coming year. Add into the mix a really sucky year over all plus the end of a decade and people are going to feel the pressure even more. Now, I’m not a big fan of resolutions. Frankly, I think they put an unfair amount of pressure on a person over something that they should already be working on, instead of waiting until a new year, if it really bothered them.

However, change is good. Change is also inevitable, so it’s probably better to try and elicit some positive changes in your life whenever you can, even if you need the start of a new year to get you up off your butt. I know this last year has been a big motivator for me to embrace change and to take ownership over it. 2010 isn’t going to be any different. So it is with that in mind that I’m contemplating a change to the blog. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I love blogging. However, I think I need to change the way I present myself. Recently it was pointed out to me, and rightly so, that calling myself a minion tends to downplay the level of experience I actually have. People tend to assume I’m entry level. That’s not good, especially when I’m looking for work.

So my big change for the new year is, and don’t shoot me for calling it this,is re-branding my blog. I still like the minion theme but I need to put a more professional polish on it. Add to that Laurie’s call for professional manifestos, which I am totally going to do, and I’ve got some deep stuff the think about. Man, I’m going to need more caffeine for this.

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  • 1 Michael :

    So, will it be HR Supreme Benevolent Dictator?

    HR Maud'ib?

    HR Centurion?

    HR Galactica?

    Inquiring SyFy minds want to know!

  • 2 HR Minion :

    Michael – I am in love with HR Supreme Benevolent Dictator. You can call me HRSBD for short. 🙂

  • 3 Jessica Miller-Merrell :

    Good for you, Shauna! My vote goes to the blogger formerly known as HR Minion. You could make some sort of funky symbol.

    I've enjoyed getting to know you this last year.



  • 4 Steve Boese :

    How about 'The HR Dictator' with the tagline of 'Resistance is Futile'?

  • 5 Sharlyn Lauby :

    I look forward to seeing the change. As we grow and change, so do our blogs. It's a natural part of the process.

  • 6 HR Minion :

    Jessica – Now that's a cool idea!

    Steve – Nice, it's both powerful and geeky. 🙂

    Sharlyn – Thanks! 🙂

  • 7 Laurie :

    Maybe you should embed a poll (non-biding) and ask people to vote and offer suggestions in an 'other' category.

    Democracy (sort of)!

  • 8 Tim G :

    I agree, change IS good. or at least it can be. It depends what you do with it.
    I like the ideas others have suggested. Since re-branding is likely to continue over your career, consider keeping a portion of your current brand to help people remain connected. Perhaps you are now the chief minion, or the Level 80 Minion. Then, after a while, drop the Minion part and move on!

  • 9 HR Minion :

    Laurie – Great idea! 🙂

    Tim – Level 80 Minion, nice. Somebody's a gamer! 🙂

  • 10 talentedapps :

    I am THRILLED you are ditching the Minion. In fact, I've had an issue with that from day 1, it completely doesn't work for you IMO.

    I'm not the best at names but I'm going to think about this a bit. I would like it to better represent who you are, someone who has her act together, has her HR chops and has a strong voice for our industry.

    I also see you as having a strong role in bringing people together so you might want to put that in the tagline somehow.

    – Meg

  • 11 HR Minion :

    Meg – Great suggestions! 🙂