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A MN winter Carnival of HR

Coming to you from the frozen hinterlands of Minnesota, it’s the latest Carnival of HR!! Lisa Rosendahl is the loveliest host you’d ever want to drink hot chocolate with and she’s put together a great collection of posts sure to keep you warm even when the temperature drops below zero. So put your hand warmers on and check it out here!

We are getting the new year off to a great start and the Carnival is going to keep you busy over the next two weeks. First up, next Wed., January 27th, Mike VanDervort is hosting a very special Carnival to vet the various charities raising money for Haiti. Go here for all the details. Additionally, our next regularly scheduled Carnival of HR on February 3rd will be hosted by the best co-host a girl could have, Steve Boese over at his HR Technology blog!

As always, thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm! If you are interested in staying on top of Carnival of HR news then be sure to follow CarnivalofHR on Twitter and/or sign up for the email reminder list by dropping me a note at hrminion@gmail.com.

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