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Archer: HR and Espionage

A new show premiered last night on FX, an animated spoof on the spy genre called Archer. Archer is all the James Bond stereotypes rolled into one and pushed to the edge and he works for an intelligence organization, ISIS, that is controlled by his mother. Now, this show is funny in so many inappropriate ways. Terribly, terribly, inappropriate ways. Check out the clip below, no worries it’s safe for work.

Funny, geeky, and inappropriate. So it only makes sense that one of the characters is Pam, the completely ineffective and blabby HR Director.

Here is Pam addressing an employee relations concern using a dolphin puppet.

I guess it will come as no surprise that HR is not portrayed in a positive light on this show. Not only is Pam very ineffective, HR in general is used as a comic foil for all of the inappropriate comments that come out of the character’s mouths, Pam’s included. But I guess you can’t have a show about a dysfunctional intelligence organization without an equally dysfunctional HR department. So, in case you were wondering, spies work in “Hostile Work Environments”. What I want to know is when do I get my own dolphin puppet. That will totally make those mediation sessions go more smoothly.

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