… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.


Almost two weeks ago I mentioned that I was looking to make some changes in how I was “branding” myself online and I even opened it up to you darlings in a quasi-democratic fashion. The results were surprising. A lot of you felt that I shouldn’t stop using HR Minion. To be honest, that makes me very happy. I’ve always liked being the HR Minion, that’s why I started using it in the first place. But it also leaves me with a problem. I still feel the need to present myself in a way that demonstrates my level of expertise. Hmmm, dilemmas.

So my “re-branding” efforts continue. This week I will attempt to move my blog over to its own site so please excuse the construction mess. My hope is the blog will come out of this effort better aligned to my future goals. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and support, it means a lot to me.

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