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So I tried something a little crazy this week. Tried and failed. You know what’s crazier? I’m already planning on trying it again. Maybe that’s not crazy, maybe that’s just masochistic. I’m sure some of you have seen my allusions to secret plans. I’m a minion, and minions need multiple secret plans. It’s what we do. Anyway, this particular plan involved me trying to join the Foreign Service. That’s right, I was trying to become a diplomat and work overseas in an Embassy. My wish is to work in Mongolia, because dude, when are you ever going to have a reason to go to Mongolia? Why the Foreign Service? Two words: Diplomatic. Immunity. Kidding, totally kidding. No, my motivation to join was much more noble, and less evil, I assure you. I simply have the desire to be of service to my country. But unfortunately, I failed to pass the Oral Assessment and so, after a year of effort, I find myself feeling a bit beaten up. I know that of the thousands that apply to the Foreign Service each year, few make it as far as I did. But still, failure hurts.

Now, you all know I’ve had a rough year and my confidence has taken quite few hits. This recent failure certainly isn’t helping. and to be honest, I’m feeling a little lost and gun shy right now. By no means is this the first time I have ever failed; if that was the case then I would be doing this whole life thing wrong. Failure sucks, but if you aren’t putting yourself in situations where you can fail, you are taking the easy way out and that’s worse than failure. A lot of people die with unfulfilled potential. So what’s a girl to do but keep pushing herself and bouncing back from the stuff that knocks her down. Failure isn’t a bad thing in the end, it’s just another part of life. I’m already planning my next failure right now.

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  • 1 adowling :

    You didnt fail, it didnt go the way you’d expected this time. At least this time you know what to expect going into this. When you give it another go, you’ll have a one up on the other candidates.

    Should you decide to not give it another go, my offer we discussed the other day still stands. 🙂 #secretplans

  • 2 Shauna :

    April – Hehehe, so many secret plans, so little time. 🙂

  • 3 Tammy Colson :

    Congrats for getting that far! wow. totally cool.
    I applaud your effort, because well, I couldn’t do that.

    And with that said, to quote the most fabulous @seiden – Fail Spectacularly.

    Or as daddy used to say, Go big, or go home.
    Here’s to future secret plans.

    (and I love the new website, I’ve been behind in my reading)

  • 4 Kerry :

    This sounds all Hallmark-y, but truly: The failures are the people who never have the nerve to try. For real.

    Plus–watch the Olympics. They’re full of people who failed, and failed, and failed, and then won gold medals and stuff. Nobody is a nonstop success. Nobody.

    Also, the new website looks great.

  • 5 Teresa Morris :

    Shauna, you totally kick ass for giving it a shot. You’ve also got the right perspective on failure by not letting it be what defines you. There are a ton of us behind you to help support you in whatever secret plans you have up your sleeve. We know they will be awesome.

    You’re effin fabulous (and your new site is purty, too)! Way to rock the Minion status and tell it like it is, girl.

  • 6 Shauna :

    Tammy – Thanks! I agree, if you are going to fail, you might as well fail big.

    Kerry – Totally agree, the people who succeed are the ones who keep trying. Thanks!

    Teresa – I appreciate the love and the support!

  • 7 Cindy :

    You are amazing amazing amazing for trying. Some people would not even have the guts to do that much, so I admire you so much for putting yourself out there.

    Failure is a tough beast. I’ve had four separate instances in the past month as it relates to job-seeking, so I completely understand where you are coming from.

    Keep your chin up, and keep doing what you are doing. You’ll get there!

  • 8 Shauna :

    Cindy – Thanks so much! 🙂