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Haiti, Charities, and the Carnival of HR

This past week Michael VanDervort of Human Race Horses came to me with a great idea for a special Carnival of HR where we HR pros can do what we do best and to help do our part for Haiti. Michael is asking us to help vet the various charities out there asking for our aid right now in Haiti.

Here’s what he’s asking us to do:
1. Select a char­ity that is solic­it­ing dona­tions for aid in Haiti
2. Apply your HR and social media skills by doing a “back­ground check” on that orga­ni­za­tion. Here is a great place to start your research.
3. Write up your find­ings, pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive, and post them on your blog no later than Jan­u­ary 26th.
4. Send Michael your links, and he will aggre­gate them into a spe­cial HR Car­ni­val for Haiti here on Jan­u­ary 27th. You can email your submissions to him at michael.vandervort@gmail.com.

Don’t want to do a background check? Then profile a charity anyway or simply share your thoughts on the tragedy in Haiti. Here’s an opportunity for HR Bloggers to do the one thing they do best: blog. Please add your voice to this effort, and don’t forget about the regularly scheduled Carnival of HR that goes live this Wednesday and is hosted by always amazing Lisa Rosendahl over at Simply Lisa.

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