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HR Happy Hour #26

The latest HR Happy Hour is in the can and IT. WAS. CRAZY. We had no scheduled guests, no real plan, but we did have criteria. What were we doing? Nothing much, just trying to determine what The Best HR City is! Needless to say, the battle was fierce, both on the show and on the Twitter back channel, #HRHappyHour. We had a ton of callers, all fiercely and creatively talking up their city! Surprisingly, there was no representation from places I was expecting like Canada or Birmingham. In the end, the top 3 contenders ended up being: Portland, Minneapolis, and Cincinnati. This was a really hard decision.
Let’s break this down:
– Portland has been a long time area of support for the show and it was admirably represented by Lance Haun and Mike Krupa (despite his cell phone problems).
– Minneapolis, a personal favorite of mine, was represented by Paul DeBettignies who totally brought his A game and was the lone warrior against the onslaught (because I had to try to stay neutral).
– Cincinnati, aka The Horde, really came out in force. Holy wow. Though I do have to say, they did take some liberties in who they could claim as “local”.

I dare you to listen to the show and tell me that HR people are not passionate.

Crazy passionate, right? And, even though it pains me to say it, Cincinnati did emerge victorious. What does that mean? That means that at some point this year Steve and I will find ourselves in Cincinnati doing a live show, probably with pizza. Was this scientific and not subjective? Hell no. Will we have to do this again so that people can have a rematch? Probably. Please look forward to it!

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