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The Super Bowl Carnival of HR

The latest Carnival of HR is up and running and it’s a good one for all you sports fans out there! Steve Boese was our awesome host this time around and he put together a Carnival of Super Bowl proportions. My only question: Where are all the puppies from the puppy bowl show? Everything is better with puppies. Well, puppies or no puppies, there is a lot of great posts so you have to go check it out here!

The next Carnival of HR will be on February 17th and I can’t think of a better host for around Valentine’s Day than Mike Krupa at Info Box, because he is an absolute sweetheart! If you are interested in always staying in the know on Carnival of HR news please be sure to follow CarnivalofHR on Twitter or email me at hrminion@gmail.com to get on the email reminder list. And as always, thank you all for your continued participation, you are what makes this fun!

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