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A special employment Carnival of HR

This week we had a very special Carnival of HR meant to highlight some awesome HR professionals who are currently seeking employment. Hosted by Joan Ginsberg at her HR University blog, who did an amazing job putting this all together, it contains all the information on why you need to hire these professionals, like right now! Well, all of them except that Shauna person, she’s trouble. Please go here to check it out and help spread the word so that we can get people back to work!

Our regularly scheduled Carnival of HR will keep rolling right along with the March 31st Carnival of HR hosted by Lexi Rueben from the Precept Employee Benefits Blog! There is no specific theme for this Carnival, but they are planning something special! They will donate $1 to the American Red Cross for each post and their goal is 100 posts!! Please be sure to get your submissions to lruben at preceptgroup dot com by Monday March 29th and help out such a worthy cause! Let’s end this month right, not only by helping out a great charity, but by really going all out with Carnival submissions.

Thanks as always for all your continued participation! If at any time you wish to be added to the Carnival email reminder list simply drop me a note at hrminion at gmail dot com. Be sure to check out the Carnival of HR fan page on Facebook, follow the CarnivalofHR on Twitter.

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