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The TRU Conferences are coming to the USA!

You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen the buzz on Twitter. You’ve desperately sought sponsorship and/or unwatched suitcases to hide in as part of an effort to make your way to London this past February. Uh, well, maybe not that last one, that was probably just me. Regardless, with all the attention over unconferences lately, I’m sure you’ve heard of the TRU Conferences. And if you haven’t been hiding under a social media rock, then I bet you’ve heard that on April 19-20 the TRU Events are coming to Madison, WI for TRU USA! Yes, the Tru Crew is taking their conferences global and that means you no longer need a passport to attend!

Here’s why you need to check this out:

1. You are tired of the traditional conference format and are looking for something more interactive.
2. You want to meet some great people, take your online relationships offline, and be part of the conversation.
3. You are looking for opportunities to expand your knowledge and develop your skills in a meaningful way.
4. You find yourself craving deep fried cheese. Well, maybe not. How about beer? You like beer, right?

Want more information?Check out the Tracks and Track Leaders. You may notice a certain familiar minion will be in attendance. Convinced? Of course you are. Go here for ticket information and we’ll see you there!

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