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HR Happy Hour #39

The latest HR Happy Hour is in the can and we had quite a lot of fun with this show. We were celebrating April Fool’s Day and put the call out for any and all of your best stories about the pranks that have been pulled at work! I don’t think we realized the can of worms that we were about to open. So if you can appreciate a good joke, want to giggle inappropriately, and are curious if HR people can actually get in on the fun of April Fool’s Day, then you need to check this show out below!

See? What did I tell you, crazy. And yes, my post yesterday about the book deal was, in fact, my April Fool’s day prank. I really appreciate all the congratulations from everyone though! I think I may actually have to write the book now since everyone seemed to think it was so plausible. Thanks again for all your participation and be sure to check out our crazy active #HRHappyHour back channel on Twitter!

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