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HR Happy Hour #40

The latest HR Happy Hour is in the can and we’ve hit another milestone: 40 Shows!! That’s right, you can now spend a whole work week just listening to the archived HR Happy Hour shows and even earn some overtime! (Note: Do not actually spend an entire work week listening to the archives. Or, if you do, we absolve ourselves of any liability for you getting in trouble.) Moving on, this week we took a look at those brave HR professionals who serve as the lone and noble representative within their company. It’s a whole different HR game than you will find inside a big company. There are no silos, there is no specialization, and it means you better look good in hats because you’ll be wearing a bunch of different ones. It was an engaging conversation with a great group of guests and callers, including the always fun Twitter back channel #HRHappyHour, so be sure to check out the show below!

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