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HR Minion: The Book

So a while ago I was approached with the idea of putting together a book based on my Advice for Minions posts.For example, here’s the one I did on not being a Red Shirt. Sure, I haven’t done them in a while but they liked the concept and thought it was “different” enough that it could get some attention if marketed properly. Like dudes, a real book and everything. To be honest, I was hesitant for a while. I mean, it’s one thing to write these little funny posts, it’s another to put together a whole book! But the offer was just full of so much awesomeness that how could I not accept? That, and the thought of royalty checks just seemed so cool.

Basically, this all means that my deadline has been set and I am committed. Coming to you next year, a book just for minions that discusses career advice, unemployment advice, and that whole world domination schtick. Wow, this is just all so crazy, it almost feels like some kind of April Fool’s day joke or something.

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