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The Carnival of HR comes to the Talent Junction

It’s Carnival of HR time and what a great turnout yet again! After all, the Carnival is a party and it is most definitely one where the more the merrier! This time the Carnival was hosted over at the Talent Junction blog and it is a great collection of posts that you don’t want to miss so check it out here!

Rolling right along, the May 12th Carnival of HR will be hosted by Mike Haberman over at his HR Observations Blog. Mike was super generous to step in at the last minute to host the upcoming Carnival, thanks Mike!! For this Carnival Mike is looking for posts about compliance but will accept any great post as well! So while you are planning out your next Carnival contribution, be sure to check out the Carnival of HR fan page on Facebook and follow the CarnivalofHR on Twitter. Also, if you wish to be added to the Carnival email reminder list, and you really should, simply drop me a note at hrminion at gmail dot com.

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