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The not so corporate Carnival of HR

It’s Carnival of HR time! This week the Carnival went corporate… not hardly! It did however find it’s way to the I’m So Corporate blog hosted by the always wonderful Sarah White! It’s hard not to get excited by this great collection of posts and all the wonderful things you can learn from them so be sure to check them out! Now hosting a Carnival is a lot of work and I just wanted to take a minute to thank Sarah for stepping in to host and to thank all the past and future hosts for dedicating so much time and effort! I <3 you all! Rolling right along, the April 28th Carnival of HR will be hosted over at the Talent Junction Blog. While you are planning out your next Carnival contribution, be sure to check out the Carnival of HR fan page on Facebook and follow the CarnivalofHR on Twitter. Also, if you wish to be added to the Carnival email reminder list simply drop me a note at hrminion at gmail dot com.

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