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An Observational Carnival of HR

Well, I’m just about recovered from all the fun in Chicago last weekend so I’m going to pretend that’s the reason why I’m getting this up late. Cause it’s not like I was just distracted by squirrels or shiny objects or anything. Not at all. Anyway, The latest Carnival of HR is up and it was up early too! Mike Haberman was our gracious host, especially since it was last minute, and he brought together a great collection of posts over at he HR Observations Blog. So go check it out here, learn something cool, or even find a new soon to be favorite blog!

We have some exciting Carnival goodness coming your way in the next two weeks as well! Next week, on May 19th, Ben Eubanks will be hosting a special HRevolution Carnival of HR over at his Upstart HR blog! Please be sure to get your post to Ben by May 17th to upstarthr at gmail dot com. Additionally, our regularly scheduled Carnival will be coming up on May 26th and hosted by the wonderful (and huggable) Stephen Geraghty-Harrison over at his HR WhY Blog. See, lots of fun to look forward to! And while I have your attention, be sure to check out the Carnival of HR fan page on Facebook and follow the CarnivalofHR on Twitter. Also, if you wish to be added to the Carnival email reminder list, and you really should, simply drop me a note at hrminion at gmail dot com.

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