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HR Happy Hour #43

You know what the biggest difference between Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts is? Doing it live. Because inevitably, if something can go wrong, it will. You see, the latest HR Happy Hour, our 43rd show in fact, gave us yet another first in show history. At the last minute our guests needed to reschedule, something about the type of bottled water in the Green Room being wrong I hear, leaving us with a tough decision to make. We could either have canceled the show (which we have never done) or try to wing it Open Mic style and hope our listeners had a lot to talk about this week. I’m sure you can guess which direction we went. So, the latest show ain’t structured, or planned, or pretty, but damn, it was a lot of fun! Our wonderful callers, listeners, and twitter back channel folks (#HRHappyHour) saved us this week and Steve and I cannot express how much we appreciate all of you! Not only for this week, but for every week you all come back, participate, and spread the word about the show. We really do this for you and you are why this is fun. So check out the show below and enjoy the craziness! Be sure to listen all the way through the after show as well, that’s when things got really good!

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