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HR Happy Hour #44 & #45

So it occurred to me that even though I mentioned HR Happy Hour episode #44 – Live from the #Monstersocial Red Carpet- I didn’t actually highlight it on it’s own. Bad Shauna, always getting distracted by shiny objects. Now, live on location shows are always a little tricky, a little unpredictable, and rife with technical difficulties but hey, they are also a lot of fun. Be sure to check it out below because when we went live our audience of 1, China Gorman, certainly seemed to enjoy herself so you should too!

Moving on to the most recent HR Happy Hour, for episode #45 we brought the show back to a subject near and dear to Steve’s heart: Sports. But it wasn’t all sports analogies and talent management strategies I promise! No, really. We also discussed all the goodness to be expected from the Social Recruiting Summit that goes live this Monday from my home turf of Minneapolis! Yes, I will be in attendance and I’m really looking forward to it! Additionally, we got a preview of the Tremendous Upside unconference thingy these guys are throwing together in Vegas this July. Intrigued? Of course you are, so be sure to check out the show below!

As always, be sure to check out the crazy active twitter back channel at #HRHappyHour for the full show experience.

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