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A special Social Media Carnival of HR

One of the more fun aspects of the Carnival of HR this year has been all the fun “Special” Carnivals! What are they? You see, regular Carnivals occur every other week and don’t typically have themes or specific topics, but special Carnivals can and do occur at any time! Well, not really, but you get the point! This time one of those special Carnivals has popped up at the HR Ringleader Blog! Your gracious host, Trish McFarlane, asked the important question: How you are incorporating social media and new tools into your work? If you’re anything like me, you are really curious to find out so be sure to go here and check it out!

Finishing up the month on June 23rd, the regularly scheduled Carnival of HR is back and is hosted by the always impressive Mark Stelzner at his Inflexion Point Blog! But does all this Carnival talk leave you wanting more? Go here and learn about all the ways you can stay in the know!

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