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Summertime Carnival of HR

The latest Carnival of HR is live and it’s all about summer, summer, summertime! The man with the amazing voice, Mark Stelzner, was our host this time around over at his Inflexion Point Blog so slip on those flip flops and stretch out in the sun. Only then will you be able to appreciate all the Carnival goodness that can be found here. Well, not really, but it would be good for you. Everything is better with sand in your toes. And with bacon. Yummy, yummy bacon. I’m sorry, what was I saying?

Right, right. Carnival stuff. Anyway, the next Carnival of HR is coming at you on July 7th and it is hosted by William Tincup and his awesome team over at his JPIE blog. More importantly, the theme for this Carnival is: What I wish I had learned from SHRM. You know you are going, so am I, and even if you aren’t I bet you still want to do a post on it. Please get your submission to davis at starrtincup dot com by Monday July 5th! And while you are already doing what I’m telling you to, go here to learn about all the fun ways you can stay connected to the Carnival of HR!

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