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An educational Carnival of HR

The latest Carnival of HR has rolled into town and even though I’m a little late to show, there is no way I would miss one. I mean, I’m kind of in charge of wrangling these cats, err, I mean bloggers. Anywho, the lovely Jennifer McClure was our gracious host this time around over at her wonderful new site Unbridled Talent! Not only did Jennifer put together a great collection of posts that you can find here, she got through all that hard work without hating me! Hosting is fun and a great way to drive traffic to your site, but have no doubts that it takes a lot of time and effort to put one together. That’s why I love and appreciate all my hosts! Speaking of hosts, I’m going to be opening up hosting spots for the 2011 Carnival season soon so start thinking about whether you are ready to take on hosting duties.

Rolling right along, the next Carnival of HR is coming up on August 4th and is hosted by the funny Drew Tarvin over at his Humor that Works Blog. Cause dude, sometimes if you can’t laugh, you are going to end up crying. And frankly, I’d rather laugh.

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