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HR Happy Hour #53 & #54

Well, forgive my slacking everyone, two HR Happy Hour’s are in the can and I’m just now getting to this post! They were high quality episodes too so let’s no waste any more time!

Episode 53 was all about “Re-Thinking” Talent and we had the awesome Jennifer McClure and Susan Burns on the show! If there is one thing companies need to do given the changing work environment it is the re-think how they treat, hire, and find the talent their companies need. Check out the show below to learn more!

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Now, I have to say, we’ve had some geeky HR shows, but I think Episode 54 takes the HR geeky cake! Professor Andrew McAfee, the author of ‘Enterprise 2.0 : New Collaborative Tools For Your Organization’s Toughest Challenges’, joined us and if you don’t check out the show, you are missing what is arguably one of our best ones! And that’s even without my giggles since I had lost my voice!

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What did I tell you, those where some great shows! Please be sure to check out the #HRHappyHour twitter back channel and join us this week for our Secret Surprise guest!!

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