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A humorous Carnival of HR

It’s Carnival of HR time again and you better be ready for a good laugh. Because this time around, the Carnival is all about the funny. Drew Tarvin, corporate humorist (Dude, how do I get that job?), was our gracious host over at his blog Humor That Works and he has pulled together an awesome collection of posts that will engage your brain, if not tickle your funny bone, so be sure to go here to check it out right now!

Rolling right along, The August 18th Carnival of HR will be hosted by one of my favorite people to giggle with, Paul Smith over at his blog, Welcome to the Occupation. Now, Paul has made some special requests of me for this Carnival and I was more than happy to indulge him. So look forward to more information, start preparing by thinking about your favorite music, and go here to learn about all the fun ways you can stay connected to the Carnival.

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