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A musical Carnival of HR

(Dances around the room with wild abandon) Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you all there, reading this blog post. (removes headphones) I was just grooving along to the latest Carnival of HR! That’s right, it’s carnival time again and I hope you are all ready to rock! That’s because Paul Smith didn’t just pull together a great collection of blog posts over at his Welcome to the Occupation blog, he paired them up with some sick tunes for your musical enjoyment! So for all you HR music fans out there, check it out here and get ready to bust a move, just not that vase you have in the corner over there.

Rolling right along, the next Carnival of HR is coming up on September 1st and is hosted by that international man of mystery, Bill Boorman at his Recruiting Unblog! It looks like Bill may be hosting a vlog Carnival again so get those web cams and Flip cameras ready to go! More details to come! In the meanwhile, be sure to go here to learn of all the ways that you can stay connected to the Carnival of HR!

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