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An International Carnival of HR

Bonjour, Buenos días, Ohayou gozaimasu, and Good morning everyone! It’s a brand new day and with it comes a brand new Carnival of HR! And not only one, we have a couple of them to talk about. First up, can you guess the theme of the latest Carnival? That’s right, we went international for this Carnival, including our host, contributors, and posts! Longtime friend of the Carnival, Jon Ingham, was our gracious host over at his Strategic HCM Blog and once again he brought together a great collection of posts from across the world! I don’t know about you, but I love seeing posts from international HR bloggers! it’s astonishing what you can learn when you are exposed to different global perspectives so be sure to go here and check it out!

Additionally, last week we added a special Carnival of HR, because it wouldn’t be a Carnival if it wasn’t full of surprises! Straight from a recent HR Happy Hour after show, Sarah White (one of my favorite people to have a dance party with) was awesome enough to volunteer to host a special Carnival of HR: Why you should be at the HR Technology Conference. Personally, I absolutely can’t wait to attend and if you are still on the fence over it, get down before you crack your head open and go sign up! And if you are looking for more conference Carnival fun, maybe in the ERE variety, well… a little bird may have informed me that Sarah has been persuaded to host a special Carnival next week focusing on one of their upcoming events. Shhh, you didn’t hear that from me!

Rolling right along, the next stop on the Carnival of HR 2010 schedule will be September 29th and will be hosted by the incredibly energetic and creative Benjamin McCall over at his ReThinkHR blog! It’s bound to be a fun time so start getting your posts ready now! In the meanwhile, be sure to go here to learn of all the ways that you can stay connected to the Carnival of HR!

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  • 1 Jon Ingham :

    Merci, Gracias, Arigato and thanks Shauna.

    I’m going to republish the carnival again at the end of the month if I can get a few more international entries.

    Can I please encourage anyone else who blogs outside of the UK and US to send me one of their posts to include in this update..