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HR Happy Hour #64

So, if I get last week’s HR Happy Hour recap up before tonight’s show I can still get points for getting it up in a timely manner, right? My laziness wasn’t quite so bad this time around, right? God, I am so bad at this Social Media stuff. Isn’t information supposed to be available faster thanks to the internet? Answer: Not if the people responsible for conveying said information are so easily distracted by brownies and books. Or shiny objects. Or squirrels. See, there I go again. Steve and I really need to get an intern for the show, just saying.

Anywho, last week for our 64th show we had on the amazing Alison Green aka Ask A Manager! I’ve been a big fan of Alison’s ever since I started getting involved in the HR online community and have always found her blog entertaining and useful! For the show, Alison came on to talk about her blog, her recent career change and book (of which you can get 50% off if you go here and use the code HRHAPPYHOUR), and answer our callers crazy questions. What are you waiting for? Check out the show below and as always, follow the #HRHappyHour on twitter for all the back channel goodness!

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