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While I was gone and before I leave again

Dude, so last week was the first week in a long, long time that I didn’t post anything on this blog, not even some random craziness. I’m a big believer that I should be getting up at least two posts per week, both to keep fresh content out there but also because I usually have something I need to talk about. But you see my darlings, much craziness has been happening lately and it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down anytime soon. Travel, work, other social media obligations. Sigh. Life is hard. Fun, but hard. But you know what, when you love something you can’t take it for granted so here I am, on bended knee, needing to tell my blog how much I love it. No worries baby, I’ll never leave you I swear!

Ok, ok, enough with the silliness, I’ve got stuff to tell you about before the week gets away from me again. Announcement the First: Tomorrow, April and I will be flying out to one of my favorite places, Chicago, for the HR Technology Conference! It’s my first time attending, we are going to be doing a sweet live HR Happy Hour show/party, and many hugs and shenanigans will be had but very little sleep. It’s going to be fun, I’m going to be live tweeting and blogging, and if you are going to be there, be sure to say hi!

Announcement the Second: If you would be so good to direct your attention to my left sidebar you may happen to notice a couple changes. I have added a huge RSS button (why be subtle?) and I have a new affiliate link up. You see, two of my favorite people ever, Mark Stelzner and Laurie Ruettimann, are putting together this awesome online Career Summit starting on Oct. 26th and all you really need to do is look at the speaker list to know why you need to attend.

Announcement the Third: Part of why I was absent here last week is that another aspect of my growing social media empire needed my attention. You see, the Carnival of HR has a brand new site!!! It’s all pretty and stuff. Thanks of course to Lance Haun for being awesome and helping me get it up and running. Man, it is so hard running an empire, I may need my own minions soon… or have my fingers in fewer social media pies. Yeah, that ain’t going to happen, either one.

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