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A Bone Picker Carnival of HR

The latest Carnival of HR has gone live and just in time for Halloween too! The great John Sumser did an amazing job pulling together the carnival at his HR Examiner site and he doesn’t hold back in offering his own insight on the submissions! It’s a great read and if it doesn’t encourage you to go check out the posts I don’t think you have any curiosity left! Be sure to check it out here.

Rolling right along, the next Carnival will be on November 10th and is hosted by a really great guy, Kevin Grossman over at his new gig’s blog, the Glowan Consulting Group! Now, Kevin has something really special planned for you all, he wants to host a very special Rock and Roll Carnival, both literally and figuratively! What does that mean? In Kevin”s own words:

Meaning it should rock — referencing rock itself, the music, musicianship, instruments (drums are a plus), favorite singers and/or bands, and/or containing the essence of what it means to rock in HR and business today.

There you have it, you better get ready to rock and start working on those submissions!

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