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A Carnie Carnival of HR

So while I was in Chicago getting lots of hugs, but very little sleep, the latest Carnival of HR went live! Hosted by the awesome Benjamin McCall over at his ReThink HR Blog, it’s full of HR blogging goodness and, best of all, Ben brought it Carnie style. Oh yeah, you weren’t expecting that were you? That’s the carnival for you, always keeping you on your toes. So put down that cotton candy and go check out the latest carnival out here!

Rolling right along, the next Carnival of HR is coming your way on October 13th and will be hosted by John Hunter over at his blog: Curious Cat Management Improvement. I gotta say, I love the name of his blog and considering how integral cats seem to be to HR, it also seems highly appropriate. Want more Carnival goodness? Please check out the new Carnival of HR site, follow @CarnivalofHR on twitter, or sign up for our email reminder to stay on top of all the latest in Carnival news!

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  • 1 John Hunter :

    Thanks for the write up. I agree cats are integral to HR and business in general. We are moving out into a new office (taking over some space the old tenants don’t need any more). In looking at the space I ran across their resident cat. I said the main thing I wanted to make sure of is that we have a cat door to allow the cat continued access to its current territory. Unfortunately those deciding don’t seem to be listening to anything I have said about how to use the space wisely to help the organization perform well, so I am guessing we won’t have a cat.

    Our current office has mice. So when a manager sent an email to everyone asking for someone to cat sit, I suggested we could have the cat stay at our office and maybe it would take care of the mouse problem for us. Sadly we are not going to do so.

  • 2 Shauna :

    John – Dude, they totally should let you have an office cat! It would be so good for morale! I think you need to make that a 2011 goal.