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When you’re in HR, every day can be Halloween

Ah, Halloween. Sugar highs mingling with socially acceptable misbehavior. Inappropriate costumes and politically incorrect humor. And that weird guy in accounting? Yeah, he only gets creepier. Whether your office celebrates or not, Halloween certainly does bring out interesting sides of your co-workers. It’s like the full moon, it only seems to amplify the craziness. But then again, when you are in HR, how is Halloween any different from any other day?

You don’t have to work in HR long before you start accumulating stories. In fact, some of the best stories come from people in their first HR role, because that’s when you have the most direct contact with employees and candidates. In a way, it’s like an initiation. If you can make it past your first few years full of horrors, nothing can phase you later. And frankly, if you aren’t scared away, you’ve shown you can handle the really tough stuff.

So yeah, we know all you HR pros out there have stories and yeah, we know you tell them proudly like they were badges of honor. Well, you are in luck because the HR Happy Hour wants you, yes you, to share them with us! On this Thursday’s show we are doing HR Horror Stories II. That’s right II. Because every good Horror movie has a sequel. Or 6. Now the first show was pretty amazing so we need you to call in and help us top last year’s show. Well, are you up for it? There could be fudge in it for you if you are…

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