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A Rockin’ Carnival of HR

Well, this is a little embarrassing. It occurred to me this morning that I still hadn’t posted about the latest Carnival of HR. I could tell you that offline distractions have been keeping me away lately but I think it sounds better that I was just so busy rockin’ out to last week’s Carnival that I completely lost track of time. Dishes, laundry, live human connections have all been cast aside to pay proper homage to the power of Rock and Roll. (bows down to it in abject humility and supplication). There, that totally sounds better, right? Now, I know that since Kevin Grossman’s such a great guy he will forgive my lateness in this, but seriously, if you didn’t check out the Carnival of HR last week at the Glowan Consulting Group’s blog, you missed out! Luckily, you can find it in all it’s awesomeness right here, so don’t wait any longer!

Now, coming up right before Thanksgiving on November 24th, the next Carnival of HR will be hosted by one of my favorite people and bloggers, Trish McFarlane at her HR Ringleader blog! The holidays are a great time to reflect on the previous year and your life so that’s just what Trish is asking you to do. Trish is looking for posts that focus on “Game Changing” moments in your life. In her own words:

I’d like to hear about the turning point (or 2) in your personal or professional life that changed your path or set you on a course. I know this writing exercise will be one that will be deeply personal, even if you write about a professional situation. I hope you’ll consider sharing your story.

Please get your submissions to trishm89 at gmail dot com by 11/22 and go here for all the details!

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