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HR Happy Hour #74 & #75

Good evening everyone! I have two HR Happy Hour shows that you really can’t miss. Now, I know you have come to expect a good deal of silliness from us on this show, and trust me, we are more than happy to bring the funny. But for episodes 74 and 75 we have channeled our inner HR Geeks and actually got serious and stuff. You have been warned. And don’t forget to check out the #HRHappyHour twitter back channel for all the snarky fun as well.

Episode 74 – Creativity, Flexibility, and Speed

Joining us for this show was IBM’s Dan Roddy – the study director for IBM’s Chief Human Resource Officer study. You do not have to read the story before listening to the show, but how could you pass up all the HR geeky awesomeness contained within? Exactly, you can’t.

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Episode 75 – HR and Enterprise Collaboration
Now tell me, on what other show can you learn about collaboration, HR technology, and Frisbee golf all at the same time? CNN? The View? The Daily Show? Not hardly. That’s right, you can only get this kind of quality HR programming on our show. It may be a specialized niche, but hey, we are happy to fill it. I hope we didn’t scare our guests Matt Wilkinson from Socialcast and HR and Management consultant Jon Ingham too badly.

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