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A content rich Carnival of HR

It may almost be 2011 but we are not going to end 2010 without some exciting Carnival of HR fun for all of you! Kicking off this month was the always awesome Lance Haun at his Rehaul blog. You see Lance, he knows how to do this hosting thing right. Not only did he manage to gather quite the impressive number of posts, over 40!, but they are all great reads too. I highly suggest you get your butt eyes over there right now and immerse yourself in the HR goodness.

Rounding out the year on 12/22 the Carnival of HR makes it final 2010 stop at PseudoHR! Hosted by the bestest BFF in the world EVAR, April Dowling, it is sure to be full of holiday cheer, stockings hung by the fireplace with care, and yummy frosted cookies. A little confession, the cookies are my favorite part. Well, actually, presents are my favorite part. I’m a little spoiled like that. Anyway, be sure to get your submissions in to April by Monday 12/20, pseudohr at gmail dot com.

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