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Can social media get you a job? Yes. Well, no. But yes?

So way, way back in the good old days (January of 2009) this little minion was laid off from her job and decided that she was going to come out of the blogging closet with her true identity. Ah, memories. Why did I decide to come out when I did? You see, part of why I decided to get my name out there because I was convinced that my participation in social media could help me get a new job.

I am proud of my blog and was happy to claim it publicly, I swiftly reached out to others in the blogging community, and I even started getting more involved in the local HR community. By coming out with my real identity I was able to form better relationships and more opportunities within the social media realm came my way. It really made a difference and I’m still happy with my decision. But did social media get me a job?

Yes. Well, no. But yes? If you’re looking for a straight answer you aren’t going to get one. Over the last two years I have had 4 contract positions while looking for something more permanent. Of those 4 roles, 3 of them were referrals for positions that I would never learned of without the referrals. Of those 3, 2 of those referrals came from connections I would have never made if not for social media. And of those 2, I’m now thrilled to say, 1 of those positions will now become a permanent role! That’s right, this minion is officially off the market and what’s even crazier, I’m moving to Orlando!

So what does the above mean? Well, it would certainly imply that social media got me a job. After all, I would have never even heard of this job if not for a connection I made online. But, did it really? For the job seeker, social media can be useful, but it’s just a tool like any other. My social media involvement would have meant nothing if I hadn’t taken the relationships started online, offline. And really, isn’t it more accurate to say that my ability to build relationships and network helped me get a job? Or is it both? Social media may be a tool, but you need tools to get things done as much as you need the skills to use them.

You see what I mean? I’m totally confused about it myself. I invite you to draw your own conclusions and I would love to hear what you think in the comments. And in the end, regardless how I got the job, I’m really happy I did. Now, I wonder how much trouble I can stir up in Orlando?

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  • 1 Dwane Lay :

    Orlando, huh? Congrats. I just got a note that I’ve been accepted as a speaker at a Collaborate 11 in Orlando in April. Coincidence?

  • 2 Shauna :

    Dwane – Yay, you can come visit me!! 🙂

  • 3 Kat :

    Congrats on the job! I totally agree about social media being a tool, but one that still requires skills for you to use it. I don’t think you can just open a twitter account and then expect it to get you a job. Yeah it can make it easier to learn of opportunites if you follow companies, but like you say, building up the relationships that go beyond the surface chat of “me too, LOL” is a skill. As is writing stuff that’s interesting enough that people actually start to be interested in you as a person. Nice work.

  • 4 Steve Boese :

    Congratulations! Now that you are heading to Orlando I have to come visit sometime and go to Disneyworld!

  • 5 Shauna :

    Kat – Thanks, I appreciate the support! 🙂

    Steve – You totally need to come visit me. It’ll be fun!

  • 6 John Hunter :

    I think blogging can definitely help your career. And often that help will not be direct obvious links where you can say without blogging I would not have gotten this job, promotion, consulting contract… One way you can be helped is by growing a network of people that will share information and recommend you.

    Another potential help can come from you actually growing to be more capable through your work on your blog. Many bloggers become more engaged in their discipline and through their efforts grow as a potential employee.

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  • 8 Crystal Peterson :

    Congrats, Shauna! That’s fantastic news!

  • 9 Shauna :

    John – Excellent points, I know blogging has certainly helped me become more engaged in HR.

    Crystal – Thanks! 🙂

  • 10 adowling :

    Wait, you’re moving? I didnt approve that.

  • 11 Shauna :

    April – I don’t want to leave you!!! 🙁 I pack you in my suitcase and take you with!

  • 12 Courtney Pino :

    Shauna, I completely agree with you. I am new to social media, but I am doing so to get connections to possibly help with my future. However, as you said, it does come down to how well you personally build relationships and network. I wish you luck on your new adventures in Orlando.

    Courtney Pino

  • 13 Shauna :

    Courtney – Thanks so much!