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If Hindsight was Foresight…

… I wouldn’t have stopped hyperventilating long enough to get anything done in 2010.

Whew. 2010 is almost over and 2011 is peeking at us from around the curtain. What craziness will the new year bring? I’m not sure I’d want to know even if I could. You see, 2010 has been insane. Like, lock-it-up-in-a-padded-cell insane. So much has happened in such a short amount of time that my poor little brain can barely process it. Not that it has all been bad, not even close. Some downright amazing and wonderful things have happened this year. It’s just the double edged sword of change, even when it’s positive, it’s still stressful.

I started out the year unemployed and in focused pursuit of a dream that didn’t work out. I faced numerous job interviews with great companies, but always seemed to fall short of an offer. Confidence shaken and heart broken I traveled a good deal, deepened and developed friendships that brought things into my life I didn’t even know I was lacking, and I even moved across the country for a girl. Well, for the job the girl helped me get. A new tattoo, a new social media project, and now a new job. I will definitely be ending 2010 better than I started it.

And not only is it the end of a year, it’s the end of another decade. Looking back over the last ten years and how I’ve changed… dude. At least I can’t say that my life has been boring. But you know what? Even if knowing the challenges I would have faced, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. Because I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am right now without them, and I ‘m sure that in looking back 1 year or even 10 more years from now, I’ll say the exact same thing.

So here’s to another year, I hope we can celebrate it together in good health! Cheers!

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