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PUSU 2011: Let’s do this!

Dude. It’s almost 2011? Wha?!? Where did the time go? This is why I’m glad I decided not to do any resolutions this year, I’m sure I would have procrastinated on them if I did. Wait, what was that? You mean I did commit myself to doing something? Crap. Oh well, I might as well own up to it and see how I did.

Last year around this time Victorio Milan over at his blog Creative Chaos Consultant asked us to Put Up or Shut Up for 2010. Tell the world what you are going to do in the coming year and then do it. Here’s what I committed to:

So here’s what I’m hoping to do in 2010:
1. I will get a job dammit.
2. I will do my part to increase participation on both the HR Happy Hour & the Carnival of HR.
3. Even if I fail on the crazy dream I’ve been pursuing for the like the last year, I will pick myself up and go for it again.

Not too bad if I say so myself. Nothing overly ambitious and the last one was suitably vague and mysterious considering I am a minion and secretive is what we do. But how did I do?

Well, #3 was a secret reference to my pursuit of joining the Foreign Service. Well, as you know, I did try and fail. And then later in the year I tried again and failed for the second time. But hey, I’d say I totally did what I said I was going to with that one. That’s one for the Minion.

For #2, it’s a little bit harder to measure. But I did help get the word out on the Carnival of HR, moved it to a new site, and have over half the hosting spots for 2011 locked down so all big pluses. As for the HR Happy Hour, I’ve tried to help out more behind the scenes and even hosted two shows. I guess you’d have to check with Steve for confirmation. Hell, I even added an unexpected project in the Women of HR site. I’d say that ‘s two for the Minion.

Now for the most important #1. Well, I have some good (but as yet undisclosed) news on that front so for now I will put this as a point for the Minion as well. I did say secretive is what minions do, right?

Whew. I didn’t do bad at all. 2010 has been a year of massive change for me and I’ve barely had a chance to take a breath. Seriously, it’s been crazy. I’m hoping that 2011 will be a time for me to get out of crisis mode and actually have a chance to appreciate what I have. So with that in mind, here are my goals for the coming year:

1. I will commit to putting out more original content on my blog. Looking over 2010 I was definitely slacking in that regard.
2. Get more involved in social media (if that’s even possible) and build up the projects I am already involved in.
3. Spend time restoring the confidence, pride, and sanity that unemployment can drain out of you.

There you have it, let’s make 2011 a good one!

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