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Of Blogging and Moving

Now, as someone who has been blogging for a few years, occasionally I feel I might have some advice to share with those of you who are either considering getting into, or may be new to the “social media experience” as it were. So prepare yourselves for some truly sage advice: Moving across the country and maintaining a blog do not mix. I know, right, I’ve just blown your mind.

Dudes, I am exhausted. It’s been a week since I drove all my worldly possessions from Minnesota to Florida (3 days, over 25 hours on the road, over 1200 miles, and a 70+ degree change in temperature) in an oversized moving truck and I am still exhausted. Boxes have been moved in and emptied, furniture assembled, and not once did I give in to my irrational impulses to just throw all my things into a pile, light it on fire, and call it a day. I call that a win.

But due to all that work, a new and busy day job, and the resulting sleepiness, I have barely been able to pay attention to twitter much less my blog. Like seriously, I didn’t tweet once this past weekend, not even once. Craziness. But things are settling down now, like things always do, so I guess the point of this post is just to explain my recent absence and assure you that things will swiftly be back to normal this month. Which basically means odd humor, kookiness, and a little HR thrown in. You know, all the things you have come to love and expect from me.

*Yawn* and with that, I’m out. Passed out, that is. Hugs!

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