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Musical Interlude

So remember last week when I said things were starting to settle down and I’d be able to focus on blogging again? Silly minion. Silly and blindly optimistic. So in place of any real content, I offer up this brief musical interlude as both entertainment, explanation, and apologies. And because I love Jonathan Coulton and this song always makes me smile when I’m stressed. So consider it my blogs own hold music. Hold please.

Jonathan Coulton – My Monkey

My monkey gets busy sometimes
My monkey’s got a lot of stuff he’s gotta think about
My monkey gets tired sometimes
My monkey wishes he was something you could do without

Cause every monkey needs alone time
To eat bananas in the sunshine
It’s feast or famine it’s a fine line
It doesn’t mean my monkey doesn’t love you

My monkey gets frazzled sometimes
My monkey has an ulcer and a stressful time at work
My monkey gets bitter sometimes
My monkey’s not the only one who’s acting like a jerk

And while he doesn’t like to name names
And he’s not trying to assign blame
It’s hard to focus on his own game
It doesn’t mean my monkey doesn’t love you

My monkey gets angry sometimes
My monkey says a lot of things he doesn’t really mean
My monkey gets lucky sometimes
My monkey thinks that you’re the bestest girl he’s ever seen

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