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HR Happy Hour #89 & #90

Hey there HR Happy Hour fans! I have two show recaps for your entertainment so mute your kids and put the TV to bed! Huh, that came out a little wrong. Anyway, let’s jump right in shall we?

Episode #89
Just when you thought the HR Happy Hour was just a bunch of geek humor and giggles we surprise you by taking on politics! For episode 89 we tackled the Union controversy in Wisconsin. As an HR pro whose only real exposure to unions has been in textbooks it was a real eye opening discussion so I hope you check it out below.

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Episode #90
Ah yeah, this week we tackled liquid leadership so break into your parents liquor cabinet… what? That’s the title of the book and it’s not about drinking? It’s about managing generational differences? Damn, what kind of happy hour is this anyway? Dude, thank goodness author Brad Szollose was so entertaining otherwise I might have lost my faith in the show…

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Whew, I get the recaps out just in time for this week’s show. It’s like we do this thing every week or something. Anyway, we are only 10 shows away from #100 so can you really afford to even miss one? Don’t forget to check out the crazy active #HRHappyHour twitter back channel as well and we’ll see you next time!

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