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HR Happy Hour #91 & #92

Hey there HR Happy Hour fans, I’ve got two show recaps coming your way this fine morning. Is there a better way to start your week than by catching up on the shows and following the #HRHappyHour back channel? Probably, but let’s just keep that between ourselves, shall we?

Episode #91
Now I know what you are thinking, here’s a show talking about the ERE expo, I already know all about that. Well, you would be wrong. Not only did we talk about the ERE expo, we really dived into social recruiting, community manager positions, and ways that companies can start actively engaging and using social media for their business. Oh yeah, that’s good stuff.

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Episode #92
Let me just start this by saying that Steve told me to keep Jason in line, but there was no one to keep me in line. That’s right the great Jason Seiden was back guest hosting while Steve was out doing his thing at ERE and boy, as much as I miss Steve when he’s gone, I love it when Jason hosts. We were talking HR, Communication and Social Media and if you are as interested in those topics as I think you are (you are reading a blog about HR, #justsayin), you need to check it out below.

Listen to internet radio with Steve Boese on Blog Talk Radio

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