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For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, it has become fairly clear that I’m a self-proclaimed Japanophile. I love the country, the culture, and just about everything else. I also have Japanese ancestry (I’m a mutt ethnicity-wise) so I’ve always felt a link to the country. 3 years ago I finally got the chance to spend two weeks in Japan and it was an amazing trip. I saw so many beautiful things and meet some of the kindest people who I desperately wish are all safe.

I’ve been shying away from talking about the tragedy in Japan because, well, it’s very upsetting and I’ve been unsure of how to express myself. Add in the anxiety of having a large portion of your family living in Hawaii and it’s hard to even watch coverage without feeling tension build up in my chest. But when I read the post on Fistful of Talent this morning about For Japan, With Love I realized I needed to say something as well, if only for myself. Avoidance doesn’t solve anything.

So please, support the relief efforts for Japan and in your own way help make a difference. I’m always a big supporter of the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders but there are so many worthwhile charities, and they all make it easy help too.

Big thanks to Jessica Lee and the Fistful of Talent crew for inspiring me to lend my voice to the relief effort as well.

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