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If you’ve ever met me in person you know I can be a ball of enthusiasm. When I’m geeking out about something I throw my all into it and it shows. My eyes light up, I gesture a lot, lean forward, laugh; there is energy in everything I say and do and I can talk for hours. It’s passion, plain and simple. Sometimes I forget how energizing it is to really embrace your passion on a subject, especially when the stress of work, home, and just life in general, can kind of bog you down.

Thanks to my contribution to this Reader’s Digest article, a co-worker recently discovered I was a blogger. (Blushes) I’m proud of my blog, I’m just not used to people I work with knowing about it. But as she was asking about it I felt that familiar rush, that desire to really jump in and explain all the awesomeness that I think is Social Media. I love explaining why I do it, what it’s all about, recommending blogs to read, and encouraging others to get involved too. I’ve talked for hours to people about it before and likely will do so again. And again.

My favorite jobs and the best places I’ve worked have always inspired similar passion in me. I didn’t think about brands, selling, whatever. My advocating was enthusiastic and came naturally. You can’t help but be swept along when you meet someone who is truly passionate about what they do. It’s infectious. And it makes you want to experience that passion for yourself.

So how about you? What are you passionate about, who are you sharing it with, and more importantly, are you making sure you are giving yourself enough opportunities to really geek out about it?

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  • 1 shennee Rutt :

    Hi shauna! Congrats on the article. I just read it the other day in my DRs office waiting room. How coincidental was that? It was really cool reading that and thinking, I know these people.
    If you know and have met me you know I am PASSIONATE about A LOT.
    A few things are:
    Human Resources
    Talent Aquisition
    Lupus/Fibromyalgia Advocacy
    Social Media

    a nice post as always.
    The Best-

  • 2 Chris Ponder II :


    Great post….I always enjoy opportunities where I get to listen to people tell me what their passionate about. It always shows you the real person behind the many walls we have to put up sometimes to remain PC for the difficult situations we deal with on a daily basis.

    Much recognition to you and greatly deserved.

    So, what am I passionate about. Let’s see…..my great family and friends, HR, but primarily the L&D/T&D/Performance Improvement areas, growing a brand and sharing my experiences/knowledge, and enjoying life with those that can have fun and laugh at themselves.

    Again, great post and congrats!


  • 3 John Hunter :

    I sure see far too many people that seem to have lost all passion. It is so nice to see kids – they have passion about everything. Most kids I see show more passion in an afternoon than I see in adults in a year. That is sad. Something is wrong with “growing up” if it does this to people. I am most passionate right now about March Madness 🙂 Ok, that isn’t the most grown up thing to be passionate about – oh well. I also love photography http://travel-photos.curiouscatblog.net/ that is a bit more respectable, I guess (and travel and hiking – which is the subject of lots of my photography).

  • 4 Steve Browne :

    Shauna – this is a great post and a great reminder that “passion” is not a dirty word !! I wish all people would understand that passion defines who we are in life. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was passionate in what they did?

  • 5 Shauna :

    Shennee – I especially like that you are passionate about Dachshunds, Yay for puppies!

    Chris – Thanks and if you can’t laugh at yourself, how much fun can you be to hang out with? I find myself hilarious. 🙂

    John – I think a million other guys would argue that being passionate about March madness is just fine. 🙂

    Steve – I wish we could all be passionate about what we do, that would be amazing.

  • 6 adowling :

    I came over to say something silly about being the aforementioned coworker but I heart this post and I dont want to tarnish it with my silliness. 🙂

    I’m going to second Chris by saying friends/family, they are one in the same for me, and also my cat. I’m also passionate about cooking, it makes me fat but I love it; on and reading, I loves me a good book and I’ll spend hours in the bookstore, which you already know.

  • 7 Shauna :

    April – Aww, but I love your silliness. 🙂