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Safe at Home

Home. One simple word that carries a universe of meanings with it. For me, growing up an army brat, home has been so many things, some better than others. Home means Hawaii and the scent of fresh baked bread, it means snow and freezing winters, it means pets, family, my teddy bear, and even solitude. But due to my transient upbringing, “home” has always been a state of mind more than any location on a map.

So what does “Safe at Home” mean to me then? To me, it means that state of being where you are comfortable and secure with yourself. No matter the hardships, stress, or drama around you, you can still have a sense of safety that you associate with “home”. Now this is much easier said than done, i know. But to me, safe at home requires having the resiliency to stand back up no matter how many times you get knocked down. We all go through life experiencing loss. But you cannot properly appreciate the good without the bad, and no matter what you consider “home” to be, I feel that you can’t be safe at home without an acceptance of both.

So strive for the good, learn from the bad, and keep moving forward. That way no matter what home means to you personally, you will be safe.

Thanks to Dwane for such a great idea for the Carnival of HR, Be sure to check out his blog this Wed, 3/30 for all the other submissions too.

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