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Falling by the wayside

I like being busy at work. I like coming into the office in the morning, knowing that I have a full day of work to do. It’s motivating because it provides that immediate sense of accomplishment. I am here and I am ready to knock this work out. There is nothing worse than feeling bored at work because you can do your job in 2 hours instead of 8.

Well, I take that back, there is a worse feeling. It’s the feeling you get of being overwhelmed to the point that you can’t do your job. You know that feeling, it’s the one you get when you have to cut corners, you have to put important stuff on hold, and you just have to let things fall by the wayside, maybe to never be picked up again. Oh yeah, there it is, that little ball of anxiety that forms in my chest at the mere thought of it.

Now normally, this is the point in the blog post that I would talk about taking control over your work load (blah blah), priorities (blah blah), but you know what, no. Not this time. Because sometimes, you just need to throw up your hands and admit that there are things you can’t control. Sometimes there just isn’t anything you can do. All you can do is your best, even when you know it’s not good enough.

But rationalizing it doesn’t make that sense of failure go away. Nor does it mean you have to be happy about the situation. So how about you? We are all feeling a little under the gun at work lately, what do you do when that knot of anxiety starts forming? If you know of anything better than self-medicating with chocolate and diet coke I’d love to hear about it.

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  • 1 Chris aka newresource :

    Honestly, and I can’t believe I am going to tell this, but I procrasinate for a moment and go into denial that I have a bunch of stuff to do. BUT then I get to it, and just plug away. And usually its over before I know it. I think the pressure somehow drives me.

  • 2 Danni :

    Naps with the bear. Usually, when I wake up I’m more gun-ho about ripping through the work.